“Paul’s presentation on climate volatility was well received by employees and company leaders alike.  People valued not only his scientific explanation but also his personal journey in understanding weather trends and their implications for the future.  Paul’s meteorology expertise, combined with his engaging style, make him a strong presenter on what can often be a very complicated and charged topic.

– Catherine Gunsbury, General Mills

We had Paul do an appearance for our United Way Kick-Off Family Day event. We had not done an event like this before and were looking for ways to appeal to a wide age range; from children up through older adults. We know that Minnesotans enjoy talking about the weather, so we figured we’d give them a chance to that with a real-life meteorologist, and maybe even practice giving a weather forecast at the same time. Paul was great to work with on this from the get-go. He told us that this exact idea was not something he had done before, but fully engaged with our team while giving input and being very timely to our requests.

On the day of the event, things could not have gone better. Paul took time to engage with each of the 100+ people we had go through our “interactive weather station” and really embraced the informal/conversational tone we were looking for. Whether Paul was talking to my 4 ½ year old son, or the CEO of our company (and he spoke with both), he was present In the moment and helped create a memorable experience for our employees. We would definitely consider bringing Paul in for another event like this – thank you!”

Tony Neuman, Marketing Communications Manager, Cargill

“Have you ever been in audience where at the end of the presentation you say to yourself, “Wow! That really was inspirational!” And you leave the auditorium positive, upbeat, ready to take on the world where nothing will get in your way.  Paul Douglas is that kind of a public speaker. Actually, he is more than just a speaker, but more of a magnetic conversationalist who draws one in with a personal, personable, approach with a solid foundation of science and knowledge blended with real world, real life experiences and with a dose of self-effacing humor included.  He is refreshingly candid in his discourse sharing some hard lessons he has endured in his professional life which everyone can take to heart. Testimony to his appeal comes in the form of the linger factor. The linger factor? That is the swarm of student who come up to him after his “Adventures of a Serial Entrepreneur” talk.  Yet it doesn’t stop there.  After hosting and conversing with a renowned National Geographic Arctic photographer before 700 people at a major University of Minnesota program we sponsored, several audience members approached us about featuring him at a future event to share his perspectives on climate change as a Republican meteorologist and successful business leader.  Wow, Paul Douglas, wow!”

– Christopher R. Mayr ’81, Development Director, University of Minnesota – Institute on the Environment

“Paul spoke at our annual meeting last week.  He gave an energetic, thought provoking talk.  His upbeat style had us smiling through all points of business.  He truly inspired us.  Thank you, Paul!”

– Julie HirschLarson Engineering

“Paul was an energetic and dynamic speaker. Our students enjoyed hearing about his entrepreneurial work.  It was beneficial for students to hear from someone who was able to combine his passion with his career.”

– Christaine BartelsCarlson School of Managment, University of Minnesota

“Paul Douglas is the personification of a professional presenter. He knows his subject, presents it well, and is very personable. In our meeting he specifically tailored part of his presentation to address issues that we felt were important to our group. For example, he discussed new mobile technologies that increase access to up-to-date weather information for our public works crews.’ Also, Paul is a repeat presenter to our group. In both cases we featured him as the final conference presenter on Friday after lunch. Paul can through with ‘flying colors’ both times. Our group highly recommends Paul Douglas”

Brad HenryMinnesota Public Works Association, Conference Committee

The audience really loved Paul’s presentation. We received 18 evaluation forms for Paul’s session. We give audience members the opportunity to rate speakers “excellent,” “very good,” “good,” “fair,” or “poor.” Paul received 10 “excellent” ratings and eight “very good.” Paul’s presentation is first rate. His pacing and tone are appealing. He has good visuals to share. I appreciate his sincerity and occasional humor. I would have liked a bit more information on the specifics of the businesses he has started, but what he shared was excellent. I will say I was surprised by the content related to climate change. We usually avoid political topics at our seminars unless they are related to banking issues. I would have mentioned climate change in the presentation description that we ran in the program had I known. Overall, however, I would rate our experience as being quite positive; I am very glad he was able to be a part of our meeting.”