Paul's Companies

Paul Douglas has demonstrated not only a genuine passion for meteorology, but an ability to look over the horizon, examine trends in technology, and connect the dots in ways that bring value to weather-sensitive companies and consumers.

AerisWeather is a SaaS business, comprised of a dedicated team of software developers and meteorologists with a passion for weather data. Our core mission is to source, optimize, validate and automate the distribution of global weather data and high-resolution weather graphics. We’ve made the integration of this data into specific applications as straight-forward, user-friendly and powerful as possible. Our data powers hundreds of web sites, mobile apps, emergency management platforms and corporate supply chains, worldwide. The goal is helping companies operate more efficiently, profitably and safely, providing a real, repeatable ROI for our customers. Roughly one third of America’s GDP is weather-sensitive, that’s about $6 trillion of a current GDP close to $18 trillion just in the USA. So, it only makes sense to pull weather into a platform to optimize operations. Think of what we do as fuel: content, contextual data and business analytics. We have set out to create the world’s most reliable, high-octane weather fuel.


Creating custom weather forecasts is Praedictix’s specialty. Praedictix allows you to tap into our team of seasoned, degreed and certified meteorologists for your weather needs: from weather broadcasts and automated weather graphics to weather consulting services. Our company’s weather broadcasts are featured on cable television, websites, digital signage and social media. Weather videos are created in any format and can be done for any location with your own custom branding. Praedictix is committed to relaying your brand to your viewers. Praedictix’s automated studio environment allows you to tap into our meteorological expertise for a fraction of the cost. Our team of meteorologists also provide a variety of consulting services such as corporate briefings, event forecast consultation and forensic analysis.