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Corporations & event planners are turning to Douglas for multi-media presentations on weather & climate – learning from his 40 year entrepreneurial career. Learn Moreor Contact


Douglas is a leading national voice connecting the dots between climate change and America’s increasingly extreme weather patterns. Author of “Restless Skies, The Ultimate Weather Book”, Douglas has written articles for Bloomberg and Huffington Post. Passionate about the intersection between meteorology and technology, Douglas has been the subject of numerous interviews and stories. MORE


Paul Douglas has an established track record launching new technologies that make weather more interesting, personalized and actionable, for companies and consumers. Douglas takes an entrepreneurial approach that intersects invention and innovation with meteorology and technology. MORE


As Minnesota’s first Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Paul Douglas communicates the trends and patterns, for multiple media partners & companies trying to understand the implications of a new, weather-on-steroids world. The Story Behind The Story: A tropical storm named “Agnes” launched Douglas on his meteorological career & a subsequent fascination with storms and new technology. MORE